• My teacher has a lovely voice

    Jenny is a purposeful girl. When she not entered high school she decided to retake the exam next year. Independently prepare for admission she did not have the willpower and she found a tutor. Tutor was pretty philosophy student and he agreed to teach her just for pleasant conversation.

    The sessions day begun. How should look a girl which is ready to study and for pleasant conversation? Jenny wore a beautiful pastel blue set of lingerie, the color is emphasized pleasant shade her dark skin, blue shirt and dark jeans. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, thus revealing a beautiful breasts. Make up puffy lips with bright lipstick and hanging on her shoulder handbag with notebooks Jenny went to a tutor.

    Tutor did not open the door for a long time. He also carefully prepared for this meeting. He stood in front of her in ironed shirt and classic trousers.

    -Hello, Jenny. Come into the room - his voice was worried. His laptop was open https://hubnude.com/en/teacher-seduced/

    -Here beautifully, - Jenny said. - Paul, what do we do?

    -Theme our lesson is "Knowledge". Knowledge is of two kinds: sensual and rational.

    Jenny looked at him questioningly.

    Do not worry, I'll explain. Sensory cognition consists of three parts. The first of it - and Paul pushed aside the collar of her shirt and touched his lips to her shoulder - is a feeling. Second is perception. Man's lips eagerly began to kiss a girl's neck. Well, and the third is an idea.

    When you will be at home and remember it all - this is the view and idea. Now - repeat.

    Her eyes sparkled. For a few seconds she did not know what to say, she thought, but then one jump was in front of him on her knees. With a couple of deft movements she pulled off Paul’s pants and licked the head of his hard cock.

    -It’s a feeling. And this is - she took the cock in her mouth and began to work gently with her lips.

    - Well, how it's called then? - Commanding voice asked Paul.

    Jenny did not hear it. She kissed it, licked it, then like an experienced slut sucking dick of his teacher. Lipstick from her lips had long worn off, but it did not make her less beautiful. She continued to please him for some time. When the warm trickle of sperm soaked her lips Jenny abruptly rose to her feet and said:

    -It Was the perception, and when you will remember this - it would be an idea.

    - Well, - Paul replied, buttoning his trousers - now the rational knowledge.

    He leaned toward her ear and bitten, whispered: "I want you"

    -It Was the concept. If I tell you that I want you, and you also want me - this is judgment. But if I say that because I want you and you want me, then you are now going to be my whore, it's a conclusion.

    Paul pulled the belt out of his pants and threw on Jenny's neck.

    -You understood?

    He abruptly threw her on the table and in a second pulled off her jeans and begun to fuck. Jenny screamed. Paul jerked her hair.

    -If Scream - will be more hurt, he said.

    The girl began to scream as if she is sick. He began to spank her elastic ass immediately. Jenny moaned loudly, and Paul held her ass and tightly fucked her.

    -Please, Hold me - she moaned.

    Paul turned her to face him and as sharply as previously entered in her. Jenny hugged him digging her nails into his shoulders. After several minutes of loud groans Jenny back arched like a cat and she let out a heavy groan fell into the gentle hands Paul.

     -I Love to learn, - whispered Jenny and kissed his teacher – but what will take place in the next lesson?



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